The FinCloud World Awards honour the highest achievements from the global financial and technology industries, celebrating teams and individuals who are blazing a trail within the sector. Meet the entrepreneurs, bankers, investors and advisors, demonstrate thought leadership, extend your network and develop business. The FinCloud World Awards are the competition to showcase the companies with the most impressive technology, who are paving the future in financial services and technology markets. The panel of judges consists of seasoned investors, academics, marketeers, entrepreneurs with an extensive track record in finance and technology.




• FinCloud Innovation of The Year
• FinCloud Utstanding Enterprise of The Year
• FinCloud Start-Ups of The Year etc.




• FinCloud Innovation in Artificial Intelligence
• FinCloud Innovation in Big Data & Analytics Solutions
• FinCloud Innovation in Blockchain
• FinCloud Innovation in Cyber Security/Anti-Fraud
• FinCloud Innovation in Data Center
• FinCloud Innovation in Agile Network Solutions
• FinCloud Innovation in Banking Infrastructure
• FinCloud Innovation in Corporate Banking Solutions
• FinCloud Innovation in Digital Banking Solutions
• FinCloud Innovation in Omni-Channel Banking
• FinCloud Innovation in Regtech Solutions etc.




• FinCloud Innovation in Consumer Finance
• FinCloud Innovation in Crowdfunding
• FinCloud Innovation in Insurance
• FinCloud Innovation in Lending
• FinCloud Innovation in Money Transfer/Fx
• FinCloud Innovation in Payments
• FinCloud Innovation in Personal Finance
• FinCloud Innovation in Risk Management
• FinCloud Innovation in Robo-Advisor
• FinCloud Innovation in Trading Systems
• FinCloud Innovation in Treasury Management
• FinCloud Innovation in Wealth Management etc.




• FinCloud Industry Leaders of The Year
• FinCloud Marketing Campaign of The Year
• FinCloud Brand of The Year etc.




• Reinforce client relationships – remind your customers and prospects that you are the best choice of supplier
• Stand out among your peers – let the market see that you are head and shoulders above the competition
• Make headlines on an international scale – international press coverage ensures the industry will know about your win
• Network with the industry’s most influential people – with C-level representation from the most important operators in the region there is no better informal networking forum
• Reward your team – recognize and celebrate their achievements




• Receive a winner’s trophy presented at the awards ceremony
• Be included in the awards winners press release
• Be featured on the awards winners website
• Be featured in the awards winners HTML posted to the full event mailing list
• Be able to use the awards logo and icon on their own promotional materials.

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The FinCloud World Awards provide the sponsors with unique brand building opportunities among a wide network of leading businesses and individuals from across the financial and technology industry. As a sponsor, your company will be associated with excellence and innovation, boosting its profile within the industry and positioning your brand as a thought leader in the space. For information on on sponsorship opportunities, please send email to


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